Daniele Incalcaterra: My Activist Cinema from Paraguay to Portugal

Daniele Incalcaterra is at the Mar del Plata Film Festival in a dual capacity: as a director with Chaco, co-directed with Fausta Quattrini and presented in the Latin-American competition; and as an actor in the Portuguese film The Nothing Factory featured in the international competition. In both cases his presence is strongly political and clearly militant.

Claude Lelouche: "Yes, No, and the Power of Fate"

"All the no's they told me, took me to meet other people who told me yes. Yes and No are the two most important things in life, and accordingly my next film will be entitled Oui et non." This is the announcement made by Claude Lelouch, guest of honor at the 32nd Mar del Plata Film Festival, where he presented his latest film Chacun sa vie starring Johnny Hallyday, Jean Dujardin, and Christopher Lambert.

Carmen Guarini: "Fernando Birri, Master of Utopia"

A poet and a filmmaker, an ironic anarchist inspired by an unshakable faith in the future, a politically committed artist and, above all, a great utopian: Fernando Birri is a unique character and the film Ata tu arado a una estrella (lit. Tie your plough to a star) help us know deeply. 

Giuliano Montaldo Presents Restored "Sacco & Vanzetti", against the Horror of Death Penalty

Restored in 4k, Giuliano Montaldo's 1971 Sacco & Vanzetti is presented at the Rome Film Festival: death penalty, prejudice against immigrants, physical elimination of the "foreigner" and a song - Joan Baez' Here's to You - that is still an hymn against injustice.

"Look Up": Fulvio Risuleo in Wonderland

He's not even 30 but has clear ideas: Fulvio Risuleo presents his debut feature Look Up in the Italian Panorama section of Alice nella città, Rome Film Festival.

Paolo Taviani: "Fascism Is Back Because Younger Generations Don't Know the Past"

Paolo Taviani is without his brother Vittorio, who is ill and couldn't attend the Rome Film Festival. He presented Rainbow - A Private Affair, an adaptation from Beppe Fenoglio's novel of the same name.

Andrea Pallaoro: An Existential Drama for Charlotte Rampling

Hannah, the film by Andrea Pallaoro, the fourth Italian competing in the Venice Film festival, is an existential mystery starring Charlotte Rampling.

Luzi & Bellino: Daughter and Father, Neomelodic and Rebels

Naples and its surroundings are depicted in many of the films being screened in Venice. The list includes Il cratere (The crater - Settimana della Critica), a debut fiction work by Silvia Luzi and Luca Bellino

Valentina Carnelutti and the Great Beauty of Supporting Actors

An experienced actress who has travelled across Italian cinema with her discreet and always effective presence, Valentina Carnelutti is a jury member at the 53th Pesaro Film Festival and discussed her career.