The projects selected for FeatureLab 2017 come from Italy, France, Denmark, Germany, Hungary and Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as North Africa and South-East Asia. The new programme of the TorinoFilmLab is aimed at screenwriters, directors and producers from all over the world who are working on first or second films in the advanced stages of development.

Among the 10 projects selected are the second films by Katrin Gebbe and Franco Lolli, whose debut films, Nothing Bad Can Happen and Gente de bien respectively, were unveiled at Cannes in Un Certain Regard and Critics’ Week. The recurring theme in the works presented is family relationships.

The FeatureLab programme involves teams of screenwriters, directors, producers and audience designers at two workshops and the TFL Meeting Event. The first workshop will be held in the Netherlands in June. As well as benefitting from personalised consultancy on the various creative and production aspects of their development, the projects will compete for production prizes at the TFL Meeting Event, which will be held in November.

One film recently developed in the context of the TorinoFilmLab, we recall, will be participating in the upcoming Cannes Film Festival: Italian title A Ciambra by Jonas Carpignano, which is being shown in Directors’ Fortnight.

The list of projects selected for FeatureLab 2017:

FeatureLab – 360 line-up

Abou Leila - Amin Sidi-Boumédiene (Algeria) (first work)
Producers: Louise Bellicaud & Claire Charles-Gervais – In Vivo Films (France)

Alfa Una Gunjak (Bosnia-Herzegovina) (first work)
Producers: Amra Bakšić Čamo – SCCA/pro.ba (Bosnia-Herzegovina) Cecilia Frugiuele – Parkville Pictures (United Kingdom/Italy)

The Defendant - Franco Lolli (Colombia)
Co-screenwriter: Virginie Legeay (France)
Producers: Franco Lolli (Evidencia Films, Colombia) & Sylvie Pialat (Les Films du Worso, France)

Feathers of a Father - Omar El Zohairy (Egypt) (first work)
Co-screenwriter: Ahmed Amer (Egypt)
Producer: Juliette Lepoutre (Still Moving, France)

Natural Light - Dénes Nagy (Hungary) (first work)
Producers: Marcell Gerõ & Sára László (Campfilm, Hungary)

Pelican Blood - Katrin Gebbe (Germany)
Producer: Verena Gräfe-Höft (Junafilm, Germany)

Sole - Carlo Sironi (Italy) (first work)
Producer: Giovanni Pompili (Kino Produzioni, Italy)

Taste - Bao Le (Vietnam) (first work)
Producer: Thi Phuong Thao Dong (Le Bien Pictures, Vietnam) & Weijie Lai (E&W Films, Singapore)

Whether the Weather is Fine (previously A Wrong Season) - Carlo Francisco Manatad (Filippine) (first work)
Producer: Armi Rae Cacanindin (Quantum Films, Philippines)

Wildland - Jeanette Nordahl (Denmark) (first work)
Screenwriter: Ingeborg Topsøe (Denmark)
Producer: Eva Jakobsen (Snowglobe Film, Denmark)

Indonesian projects (in partnership with BEKRAF)

The Autobiography - Makbul Mubarak (first work)
Producer: Yulia Evina Bhara (Kawankawan Film)

Tale of the Land - Loeloe Hendra (first work)
Producer: Siska Raharja (Elora Production)

Line-up FeatureLab – audience design

Ilaria Gomarasca, Italy
Paul Rieth, Germany
Gisela Ritzén, Sweden
Clara Miranda Scherffig, Germany