"Starting today producers and film directors will have a new tool for combining creative and production needs with the beauty of the Italian cultural heritage, with a geo-localized database of sites, including additional information also on the incentives provided”. With these words Dario Franceschini inaugurated Italy for Movies, a national database of locations and a list of the production incentives associated to them, during the Venice Film Festival. The project, that he believes in strongly, is carried out by the Istituto Luce-Cinecittà in collaboration with the Italian Film Commission, coordinated by the Direzioni Generali Cinema e Turismo del Mibact (General Directorate for Cinema and Tourism, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism), and is ready to be presented to the main tourism expos in Rimini and in London during the next few months: “We are aware that the promotion of our cultural heritage is best achieved through works of cinema portraying Italy’s beauties rather than through paid advertisements” Franceschini said. “This database holds the essence of the Ministry’s work, bringing together tourism and culture, inaugurating a new era of closer attention, on the part of institutions, to a crucial sector, with a dual perspective, that of the cultural product and of the cinema industry, disproving the myth that the public administration is unable to achieve quality result in short time: here we have achieved a good result in little time”.

The project, implemented following an agreement signed in December 2016 by DG Cinema and DG Tourism, aims at enhancing the attractiveness and the visibility of our territory in a touristic key with the means of cinematographic and audiovisual productions, to intercept the increasing influx of foreign investments in Italy. Italy for Movies is the first step for Italian and foreign investors interested in shooting cinema and audiovisual productions in our country, providing information easily accessible through the website, as well as contacts of the Film Commissions for further details, and of other entities granting contributions. At the same time our aim is to address tourism, and specifically cinema tourism, because works belonging to the history of Italian cinema have often been an inspiration for travel to Italy. “Our work has only just started, our objective is to create a network including as many roads, squares, edifices, churches, monuments and landscape as possible – The General Director for Cinema, Nicola Borrelli, declared. He stressed that activity for promoting Italy’s image, also with a touristic scope, through cinema and audiovisual works, falls within the functions assigned to the State by the new law. “Finally a new database, continually updated, will allow those interested to consult a list of locations, to be explored on the website; it will be possible to view all the available facilitations and the opportunities for financial support at the regional, national and international level; it will be possible to know which film, fiction series or documentary has been shot in the various regions, with a detailed indication of the locations involved in the making; it will be possible to view backstage photography and videos, and to remain updated on the latest news regarding cinema and new incentives”. 

“Today, only a few months after the agreement was signed, this project implements the strong synergy between tourism and audiovisual works –the Director General for Tourism Francesco Palumbo declared – Cinema has always been an extraordinary tool for territorial marketing, contributing to tourism, especially in Italy. The creation of this database is a big success, now we must connect it to the policies promoting our territory internationally. Coherently with the Strategic Plan for Tourism, the communication potential expressed by a film is even greater when it provides the means to “discover”  little known parts of Italy, with the rich cultural and landscape heritage that Italy has to offer. Furthermore, we must consider that tourism linked to cinema has a considerable economical impact on the territories it touches, and a that according to some estimates, there are over 40 million international movie-tourists potentially interested in Italy. Italy for Movies is therefore dedicated to all the cinema lovers, to the growing number of those who love to travel to film locations, as well as to those who remain seated throughout film credits in the hope of finding out the names of the places seen on film, and to those who are simply curious and wish to know where a fiction work seen on TV or in the movie theater was shot”.  

The database is available starting today, in two languages, at the website www.italyformovies.it. For further details and contacts: info@italyformovies.it