“I am very sad for today’s Rome. It’s been a great city and it’ll take time to rise again. If you want to shoot a film, as I’m doing in the Pantheon area, you must work at impossible hours when shops are closed, otherwise it looks like an indecent bazaar.”

This is a statement by Carlo Verdone, who is shooting his new comedy Benedetta follia [Blessed Madness]. The film is produced by Filmauro with Verdone directing, writing – along with Nicola Guaglianone and Menotti – and playing the leading role. He futher adds: “If we go on like this, nobody will want to shoot in Rome anymore. Renting public land is extremely expensive and shop owners does not want us there. Not to mention the bureaucratic procedure, which is dreadful.” According to the Roman director and actor, whose new film will be release in January 2018, “we need capable people who can really work for the public good. You cannot make wrong choices when it comes to your collaborators. Of course Rome’s problems are almost ancestral. Just to make an example, a few days ago I saw two open-cast water pools and I wondered why nobody was running to fix them immediately. In Romania, for instance, I throw a cigarette on the ground and the police reacted on the spot. If you want to shoot properly in Rome, you must do it only at certain times. How did Sorrentino manage with The Great Beauty? The answer is easy: he went around without a car.”