Filming has commenced on Matteo Rovere's latest film, Il primo re (lit. "The First King"), which tells the story of the founding of Rome. In his fourth feature film, the director of Italian Race (winner of six David di Donatello awards this year) and producer of successes such as I Can Quit Whenever I Want, has given himself a new challenge with the legend of Romulus and Remus. The twin brothers that Roman mythology hails as the founders of the Eternal City in 753 BC will be played by Alessandro Borghi (Don't Be Bad, Suburra, Lucky, and “madrino” recently at Venice Film Festival) and Alessio Lapice (Nato a Casal di PrincipeGomorra - Series 2). 

The film, written by Filippo Gravino, Francesca Manieri and Matteo Rovere, is a timeless story of love, blood and conflict, in which two brothers, alone in an ancient and hostile world, will challenge the merciless will of the Gods. The city of Rome, the largest empire in history, will be born from their blood. A strong bond, which is destined to become legend. 

Produced by Groenlandia (director's company) with Rai Cinema, in association with Roman Citizen Entertainment, and co-produced by the Belgian outfit Gapbusters (FabrizioRongione is also in the cast), the filming of Il primo re is set to last for eight weeks in Lazio, with Daniele Ciprì responsible for cinematography. The film will be released in Italy by 01 Distribution. The French company Indie Sales is responsible for international sales.