Principal photography for Roberto Andò's new film Una storia senza nome (lit. A Nameless Story) just started, and will continue for 8 weeks, 6 in Rome and 2 in Palermo. Valeria (Micaela Ramazzotti), the young secretary of a film producer, lives with her eccentric mother (Laura Morante) and secretly works as a ghost writer for a famed scriptwriter, Alessandro (Alessandro Gassmann). One day, the woman receives an unexpected gift from an unknown man (Renato Carpentieri): the plot for a film. But that sounds dangerous as it tells the true story of the mysterious robbery of Caravaggio's famous painting "The Nativity", an event that actually occured in Palermo in 1969.

The director states: "I wanted to go back to a lighter mood, finding those themes that have always accompanied my cinema: the charm of sham, the possibility for imagination to have actual effects on real life, hidden sentiments waiting for the right moment to come out of the closet. However, in line with the film's title, I cannot exactly tell what the film will be. Quoting the genius of Billy Wilder, I could say 'When I am about to shoot a film I never label it, I never say it's a comedy, I just wait for the premiere - if the audience laugh a lot, then I say it's a comedy; otherwise I say it's a serious film or a noir."

The screenplay is penned by Roberto Andò and Angelo Pasquini, in collaboration with Giacomo Bendotti. Besides Ramazzotti, Gassman, Morante, and Carpentieri, the cast include Jerzy Skolimowski, Gaetano Bruno, and Antonio Catania. Una storia senza nome is produced by Angelo Barbagallo for BiBi Film with Rai Cinema.