The jury of Alice nella città bestowed the Best Film Award to Adrian Goiginger's The Best of All Worlds, with the following motivation: "a rough work, a mature love declaration of a son for his mother. A powerful story that, with fantasy and hope, doesn't tell the children that monsters exist, but that they can be defeated."

The jury of the Alice/Taodue Golden Camera Prize awarded Lisa Bruhlmann's Blue My Mind with the following motivation: "a coming of age story that turns into a fantasy, a story of mutation and transformation. A surprising debut that also include a liberating message."

The Roma Lazio Film Commission Award for the section "Panorama Italia" went to Cosimo Messeri's Metti una notte for "representing a different Rome, rich in fairytale-like yet real characters, with an atmosphere suspended between dream and reality, and great actors playing in a light but measured manner."

The students of the Amaldi School voted Claude Barras' My Life as a Zucchini as Best Film of the year among the title selected for the Lux Prize.


ROMA 2017