John Turturro stars in Cinecittà-set “The Name of the Rose”

The high-budget production has been shot, for the most part, in the Cinecittà studios. The series stars an outstanding cast including John Turturro.

The Silver Ribbon winners for documentary

Big success for Istituto Luce Cinecittà at this year’s Silver Ribbon for Documentary 2019 with the Lifetime Achievement Prize bestowed to Silvano Agosti in the year of his comeback to the silver screen with Ora e sempre riprendiamoci la vita

Giovannesi & Saviano: “Innocence and Crime”

A criminal education towards death, like that unrelenting passage from childhood playfulness to adulthood ferocity. Claudio Giovannesi comments on Piranhas, his film based on a novel by Roberto Saviano

“Dafne”, the explosive energy of an extra chromosome

Dafne, sophomore feature by Federico Bondi playing in the Berlinale Panorama section, breaks these boundaries and pushes the audience to question their own fears and bias. 

“Selfie”, millennials at Rione Traiano

SelfieAgostino Ferrente’s Panorama-selected documentary, is based on real events. During the summer of 2014 at Rione Traiano, one of Naples’ most difficult neighborhoods, 16-year-old Davide Bifolco gets killed by a cop who mistakes him for a fugitive.

Nanni’s Chile: “I am not unbiased”

Closing film of the Torino Film FestivalSantiago, Italia is a documentary on the Chilean Golpe of 11 September 1973, on the military dictatorship, on the refugees who found asylum in the Italian embassy and that still live in our country. 

MoMa celebrates Ugo Tognazzi

On December 5th, the Museum of Modern Art in New York inaugurates the traditional retrospective that Istituto Luce Cinecittà every year dedicates to a personality of Italian cinema. This year it celebrates Ugo Tognazzi

Valerio Mastandrea: dying from work between laughter and tears

To laught so not to cry. It’s a figure of speech and it’s what is happening to Carolina, young widow of a factory worker who died recently in a work-related accident. A complex character, almost moony, possibly reflecting the unique soul of Valerio Mastandrea, a great actor turn director with Ride produced by Kimera with Rai Cinema, premiering in competition at the Torino Film Festival.

Cinema Italian Style: record-breaking edition closes with “Loro”

Once again, a record-breaking success for Cinema Italian Style, the festival promoted by Luce Cinecittà. Opening with Matteo Garrone and closing with Paolo Sorrentino, the event brought to Hollywood features, shorts, and the great exhibition dedicated to Monica Vitti.