Ring Film is an Italian production company founded in Rome in 2010. In this relatively short span of time, the company realized Carlo Lavagna’s Arianna, a festival sensation at Venice Days in 2015, and a number of documentaries that have left their mark, including Alessio Rigo de Righi’s and Matteo Zoppis’ Il Solengo and Yuri Ancarani’s The Challenge. The Cannes Film Festival has now selected its founder Tommaso Bertani as Producer on the Move, shining a spotlight on his professional journey and offering a launching pad for his next projects.    

Which choices brought you to Cannes?
I made a diverse professional journey made of shorts, videos on commission for Missoni, Pinacoteca Agnelli and Bulgari, creative documentaries, and features like Arianna. We’re dealing quite a lot with the arts, for instance we are currently in post-production with an institutional documentary on Christo’s Floating Piers. Moreover, we are also collaborating on Michele Civetta’s The Executrix, a horror thriller starring Asia Argento.  

Which direction are you going to?

We believe there’s room to bring about a change in auteur cinema. We can be more adventurous by privileging a less realist look and a more narrative one. Our background is in observational cinema and editing: we’ve grown up with a camera in our hands.  

An example of a film which you would have loved to produce?
Pietro Marcello’s Lost and Beautiful or Roberto De Paolis’ Pure Hearts. This latter is also a dear friend of mine.  

Ring Film has a strong international vocation…
That’s what brought me to Cannes as a Producer on the Move. The Challenge was entirely produced in Italy, then was sold to the US and had a huge success in the festival circuit abroad. Re Granchio, the new film by Rigo De Righi and Zoppis which we are currently producing, will have an Argentinian coproducer. It’ll be a fiction film set in the late 1800s, a fairy tale that turns into a journey through many stories that will reach the other side of the world. The budget is 1.2 million Euro and we are now casting.  

Being a Producer on the Move in Cannes can open new doors for you?
It certainly gives me the chance to get in touch with selected international producers and put our work on the spotlight. Seeing my name next to Paolo Sorrentino’s at the Italian Pavilion was quite something for me. There has been a lot of attention for Ring Film in these days. In the first place, we are finally receiving the appreciation of the Italian market.

Which are your next projects?
In a few weeks, we’ll start sending Elisa Fuksas’ new film Albe for festival consideration. Fandango International is in charge of international sales. We are also working on the second feature by Carlo Lavagna. All I can say is that it’ll be a detective story.