Naples is full of mystery and sensuality in Ferzan Ozpetek's upcoming Naples in Veils, that will be theatrically released in Italy on December 28 thanks to Warner. At this year's Torino Film Festival, where he chaired the jury back in 2014, the director showed a few minutes of the film. There's a scene where passion explodes between a seemingly detached Adriana, played by Giovanna Mezzogiorno (who's working again with Ozpetek after Facing Window) and the handsome and cheeky character played by Alessandro Borghi. The two actors are the protagonists of an erotic scene. The sequence follows that in which they actually meet during the staging of an ancient ritual known as "figliata": a group of effeminate men act as if they are about to giving birth. In the background, a colourful and mysterious city which Ozpetek is deeply fond of. He states that his aim was to depict it by avoiding the folkloristic and the already-seen: "Naples is a wonderful city, and I desperately loves it in all of its aspects, especially for its way of dealing with things. Wherever I went, they always opened their doors for me, for instance the Farmacia degli incurabili, where I shot some scenes despite everybody  told me that I would have never got the authorization. I would have loved to shoot in the Cimitero delle Fontanelle too, but then I gave up as many films have already been set there. So it came out as a surprise when I went shooting at the Palazzo Caracciolo, who belongs to a prince friend of mine, and I found out that De Sica's The Gold of Naples, and Rossellini's Journey to Italy were shot there, too." As for the film title, which recalls one of Naples' most famous art piece, the Veiled Christ, Ozpetek states: "The meaning of the veil is being something that simultaneously covers and unveils. It's a strange aspect of this city."

As in many Ozpetek films, the soundtrack has key role: "In the final scene there's a song beautifully sung by Arisa, and another wonderful one is in the film and it even inspired me how to shoot that scene." The cast include Anna Bonaiuto, Biagio Forestieri, Lina Sastri, Isabella Ferrari, Luisa Ranieri, Maria Pia Calzone, Loredana Cannata. Naples in Veils is produced by Tilde Corsi and Gianni Romoli for R&C Productions with Warner Bros. Entertainment Italia and Faros Film.


TFF 2017