A big event dedicated to Federico Fellini in the 100th anniversary of his birth, falling on January 20th, 2020. But also a new Museum of the Audiovisual and Cinema, and the relaunch of the studios with new international productions, including Paolo Sorrentino's The New Pope. Moreover, an exhibition dedicated to Monica Vitti opening in March in the Dioscuri Hall of the Quirinale - the actress has recently turned 86 and hasn't appeared in public in a while. These are some of the news that have been announced today when, after a tour of the studios, a number of Italian and international journalists met the Italian Minister of Cultural Heritage Dario Franceschini, the General Director of the Cinema Office Nicola Borrelli, the President and Managing Director of Istituto Luce Cinecittà Roberto Cicutto, the President of the National Film School - National Film Archive Felice Laudadio, the Director of the Bologna Cinemateque Gianluca Farinelli.

Roberto Cicutto states: "The new MIAC - Italian Museum of the Audiovisual and Cinema will open in the former print labs by the end of the year. The multi-functional museum covers an area of 4,000 square meters, and will host a permanent exhibition which aims to offer a spectacular and immersive experience in the Italian imaginary of the 20th and 21st century through cinematic lenses." TV and audio-visual media will be part of it too, between films and stills coming from major national archives and cinemateques, video installations, audio materials, props, texts, and machines. It will also host temporary exhibitions, a library and videolibrary, didactic workshops. In addition to this, a series of activities such as international exchanges and residencies in collaboration with the National Film School. The MIAC will also promote the Workshop for the conservation and restoration of the old masterpieces from the past.

Dario Franceschini underlines how the new Cinecittà, born from the relaunch of the studios, is the result of a strategy that has been widely shared by a number of political forces aiming to put cinema on centre stage again. The Minister stated: "I expect Cinecittà to get back to its golden age in a few years. For years they talked about it in negative terms... I remember the workers' sit-ins in front of my offices. Today things have changed, but they don't talk about it. This will become the citadel of cinema and the audio-visual, also with the involvement of Rai. The collaboration with the National Film School will be even tighter. Before the end of the legislature, we'll get more funds from the CIPE and European funds too.

The Minister also made a preliminary assessment of the effects of the new law, promulgated in 2016 and become effective with the implementing decrees at the end of 2017. "The programming quotas are already pushing the televisions to ask for more Italian products." The Minister ironically adds: "I did work in cinema too, when I was younger. I starred as an extra in two films: Florestano Vancini's Bitter Love and Luigi Scattini's The Off-Road Girl. I got 10,000 Liras for each."

Big efforts are in place for the celebrations of the director of La dolce vita. In his native Rimini, the historical Fulgor movie theatre just re-opened, while further 12 million Euro  will be invested in the creation of a Museum dedicated to the director. The initiative "Fellini 100" - in collaboration with Luce Cinecittà, National Film School, and Bologna Cinemateque - consists in a number of events culminating in 2020 in the restoration of the Master's whole body of works. The retrospective will be travelling in Italy and all over the world, including the new Museum of the Academy designed by Renzo Piano in Los Angeles.

Roberto Cicutto highlighted the fact that international productions are coming back to the studios. "For now, we can only announce the TV series based on Umberto Eco's best-seller The Name of the Rose starring John Turturro and Rupert Everett, produced by 11 Marzo Film, Palomar, and TMG in association with Rai Fiction, and to be directed by Giacomo Battiato. We are ready to welcome Netflix and Paramount productions too, as well as Paolo Sorrentino's upcoming series The New Pope."

Moreover, Cicutto reminded the efforts put in the works of exceptional maintainance for the construction of two new stage theatres, the reconstruction of Theatre no. 7 - that was destroyed during WW2 - with new technologies and transparent pools for underwater shooting. Business goes hand in hand with cultural activities, including the restyling of the permanent exhibition "Cinecittà Shows Itself" curated by Dante Ferretti, the program on the works of cinema, the videogame festival that will take place in May.

Nicola Borrelli mentioned the resources, which have been increased by the new Law. "Cinecittà will enjoy a total investiment of 50-60 million Euro."