The short film At It Is on Earth by Pier Lorenzo Pisano, produced by the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia and Rai Cinema, was presented as part of the official selection of Cinéfondation. Part of a project by Marche Landscape Cinefund, the film, that mixes fiction and dramatic realism, tells the story of a small village that has shrinked even more after an earthquake left only a few houses standing. The film was in fact shot in the places in the Marche region that were hit by the 2016 earthquake, and is interpreted by a cast almost completely made up of survivors from the earthquake in Acquasanta, such as the leading actress, Angelarosa Orsini. The short shows the desolation after the earthquake: there is nobody around, nobody to greet, nobody to complain to about the heat, and the earth’s tremor seems to have erased even the sound of breathing. In a town torn apart, the film portrays the story of the few people trying to heel their wounds and return to normality under the guide of the new vicar, Don Mauro, just arrived to town, played by Roberto Citran, the only professional actor in the cast. “Citran was perfect for this film in which I attempted to recreate the truth of the places portrayed – the director states – His perspective needed to be that of an external figure, someone who comes from another place and has a stranger’s view of the town, as to also express my point of view of the places I entered and attempted to understand”. 

The film was shot in the summer of 2017 and was initially inspired by the tale Casa d'altri by Silvio D'Arzo, but it distanced itself from it because, as the director reveals, after a long search for the location as part of the slow process of entering into contact with the place and its inhabitants, “the ultimate story stemmed from the direct contact with these places and the stories of the people inhabiting them, with a very beautiful and profound dialectical relationship with the place. Some of what is said also stems from the real life experiences lived by the people, who showed a great enthusiasm and generosity towards the project”.

Così in terra is distributed by Prem1ere Film a company that specializes in festival distributions of films, shorts and tv series, that also makes available an online digital platform, Premiere Film Platform, with a range of promotion and distribution services. 

Another short film presented at Cinéfondation is the stop motion work Inanimate, a British production by the Italian director Lucia Bulgheroni, the story of a girl who is convinced of having a normal life, until one day literally everything around her crumbles to pieces.