Generational conflicts, diversity, bullying, sentiments, doubts, adolescence, personal growth. These are some of the main themes of the 99 films, both shorts and features, competing at the 48th Giffoni Film Festival, taking place from July 20 to 28. Eight competitive sections compose the festival: Elements +3 (from age 3 to 5), Elements +6 (from 6 to 9), Elements +10 (from 10 to 12), Generator +13 (from 13 to 16), Generator +16 (from 16 to 17), Generator +18 (from 18 onwards), Gex Doc (dedicated to documentaries) and Parental Experience (composed by shorts targeted at an audience of parents). Jurors coming from 52 countries will award the winners of the Gryphon Award.

The program includes 11 Italian films. In the Element +3 section, Adriano Candiago’s Pat and Mario Moraro’s Takisha’s Song. In Element +6, Gabriele Pignotta’s Otzi and the Mistery of Time starring Alessandra Mastronardi and Vinicio Marchioni. Kip is a boy like many others, clever and sensitive. Childhood will be over soon for him and just before leaving Bolzano and his closest friends for good, the boy lives an extraordinary experience. When he goes to the museum to say goodbye to Otzi the mummy, something magical happens and the mummy comes back to life. While Otzi discovers the twenty-first century, Kip learns the secrets of the Copper Age.  The film will be released in Italy by Rai Cinema. Short films competing in the same section include Roberto D’Ippolito’s and Gaia Bonsignore’s Stella 1, Caterina De Mata’s Goodnight, and Teresa Paoli0s From Up There.

In the Element +10 section, Alessandro Grande’s short film Bismillah. In the Gex Doc section, Alessandro Marinelli’s Basileus – The School of Kings, to be released by Rai Cinema. Set in the middle school Federico Fellini in the San Basilio neighborhood in Rome, the film shows the training of a group of teenagers and explains what it means to be teachers in complicated social contexts. A journey into the class life showing a world full of teenage energy, hopes, dreams, but also difficulties, fears and uncertainties for the future. Among the 12 shorts competing in the Parental Experience section, Federico Papagna’s Chasing, Ermanno Dantini’s Enfants perdus, and Ludovico De Martino’s Uproar.