The 33rd edition of Il cinema ritrovato film festival, to be held in Bologna from June 22 to 30, include: the tribute to Eduardo De Filippo; the portrait of a film icon such as Jean Gabin; new restorations from The Piano, to be presented by Jane Campion, to Easy Rider, to be introduced by Peter Fonda; the cine-concerts in the Piazza Maggiore with the Orchestra del Teatro Comunale that will play the score of Charlie Chaplin’s The Circus and Buster Keaton’s The Cameraman. The program is composed by a total of 500 films in 9 days, from morning till late night, 6 theatres, the open-air screenings in the Piazza Maggiore, and those with the coal-powered projector in the Piazzetta Pasolini.

Gian Luca Farinelli, director of the Cineteca di Bologna, states: “This year we will present two big programs dedicated to two top stars, Musidora and Jean Gabin, startling examples of how actors can shape the national and international culture. Get ready then to rediscover the genius of Eduardo De Filippo, prominent and versatile protagonist of the Italian culture. Our convincedly internationalist approach will take us to appreciate not only well-known national film cultures, but also fundamental works from countries like Mali, Morocco and Mexico, and from countries that are no more like West Germany. Two other programs will explore the film cultures of Germany and South Korea, two countries marked by the destruction of war and political divisions. Topics of national identity and political consciousness are faced head-on in the films by the greatest Arab director, Youssef Chahine, celebrated by another retrospective. Among the other directors to be celebrated this year, we will find Henry King, Felix E. Feist, and Georges Franju.”

The open-air screening in the Piazza Maggiore will be dedicated to great restorations: The Piano, to be presented by director Jane Campion in collaboration with the International Film Academy; Dennis Hopper’s Easy Rider, to be introduced by its co-protagonist Peter Fonda; Apocalypse Now – Final Cut by Francis Ford Coppola; Luis Bunuel’s Los olvidados; Vittorio De Sica’s Miracolo a Milano; Max Ophuls’ Le Plaisir; Federico Fellini’s Roma.

Il Cinema Ritrovato presents a tribute to Eduardo De Filippo, whose activity as a film and TV director is actually not well known. Nevertheless, his work includes hidden gems: adaptations like Napoli milionaria or original works like the episodes Marito e moglie and Napoletani a Milano are worth being included among the classics of the 1950s. De Filippo made innovations in the TV field too by filming his own works with an attitude combining experimentation and popular spirit.

The “face” of this edition is that of Jean Gabin, icon of a fragile masculinity, a sort of James Dean ante litteram. The festival will present 9 among his 95 films, including rarities such as Litvak’s Coeur de lilas and Pabst’s Du haut en bas, and forgotten titles like Clément’s The Walls of Malapaga and Carné’s La Marie du port, his duets with Brigitte Bardot and Simone Signoret, his perfect embodiment of Maigret.