A comedy Mazzacurati-style stands among the 15 films selected for the main competition of the Torino Film Festival dedicated to first, second, and third features that express at best the new tendencies in independent cinema. Antonio Padovan’s Il grande passo exploits the physical resemblance of actors Giuseppe Battiston and Stefano Fresi and lets them play in the role of two brothers, sons of different mothers who meet only in their adult life. When they have the chance to come closer, an unexpected complicity arises and this pushes them to achieve an impossible task: assembling a rocket within a barn in order to fly to moon and make their dreams come true. A comedy with strong references to the late Carlo Mazzacurati, set in his environment, conveying the same delicate and authentic sentiments, that melancholic vein typical of his poetics. Another title in competition is Now Is Everything, the mysterious and experimental debut film by Riccardo Spinotti (son of Oscar winner Dante) and Valentina De Amicis, an American production with a stellar cast (Ray Nicholson, Anthony Hopkins, Madeline Brewer, Camille Rowe), produced by Dante Spinotti who also serves as DoP. The protagonist is young fashion photographer who is desperate for the death of his younger brother and the disappearance of his girlfriend.

Among the Italian titles in the Festa Mobile section, Abel Ferrara’s Tommaso and Gianni Di Gregorio’s latest Citizens of the World starring the late Ennio Fantastichini. The film is a gentle and melancholic comedy on three retirees who dream of moving to some exotic place where life is cheaper. Ginevra Elkann’s If Only starring Riccardo Scamarcio and Alba Rohrwacher tells the sentimental education of three kids with divorced parents during a peculiar Christmas in the 1980s. Maurizio Zaccaro’s Nour tells an episode in the life a Pietro Bartolo, the doctor of Lampedusa who has become a symbol of acceptance and solidarity, here played by Sergio Castellitto. Chiara Malta’s Simple Women stars Jasmine Trinca as a photographer who, since her teenage years, was struck by Hal Hartley’s Simple Men and the character played by Elina Lowensohn who suffered of seizures like her. Elisabetta Sgarbi’s Vaccini is a documentary that, through the words of nine men of science, explores what vaccines are, how they work, how they were discovered, their collateral damages, their relations with the big topic of immigration, and the fake news surrounding them.

The Italiana.doc section features Lucus a Lucendo. A proposito di Carlo Levi dedicated to the novelist who wrote Christ Stopped at Eboli, Gianluca Matarrese’s Fuoritutto, Francesco Dongiovanni’s I giorni e le opere, Andrea Grasselli’s La nostalgia della condizione sconosciuta, Alberto Diana’s Fango Rosso, and Davide Maldi’s L’apprendistato.

In the Afterhours section, Isabella Sandri’s An Uncertain Border, the disturbing reconstruction of a case of online paedopornography during which a woman cop investigates on the disappearance of a kid. Milena Cocozza ventures into the horror genre with Bed no. 6 (produced by the Manetti Bros.), a film of ghosts and ancient curses between the corridors of a children’s hospital, starring Carolina Crescentini. Davide Del Degan’s Paradise tells the unexpected encounter of two men living under the mafia witness protection program.

The TFFDoc/Desiderio section features Simone Manetti’s I’m in Love with Pippa Bacca, on the journey of two women and artists who, dressed like brides, travelled to Jerusalem through countries in war. Pippa Bacca and Silvia Moro wanted to demonstrate that by trusting people one can only get good things. However, during that trip, Pippa Bacca died tragically, raped and killed by a man from whom she got a ride.

Among the tributes, the day dedicated to Mario Soldati, a writer, director, scriptwriter, and TV author. Three of his best films will be screened – Malombra, Fuga in Francia, La provinciale – besides a number of episodes from his TV series, journalistic reports, and interviews.