Headed by Stefano Francia Di Celle, the 39th Torino Film Festival took place physically and presented over 180 films in the competition and parallel sections. The jury of Torino 39 – Feature Film Competition, chaired by Ildikó Enyedi (Hungary), and composed of Alessandro Gassmann (Italy), Evgeny Galperine (France), Isabel Ivars (Spain) awards the prizes:

Best film (18.000 €) to:

BETWEEN TWO DAWNS by Selman Nacar (Turkey/France/Romania/Spain).With the following motivation: A film that, with extraordinary writing and directing talent, is able to tell a believable story that makes us laugh, that moves and surprises us. A mature film, directed with intelligent sobriety, which reveals a new, big talent.

Special Giury Award, ex aequo to:

EL PLANETA by Amalia Ulman (USA/Spain) and FEATHERS by Omar El Zohairy (France/Egypt/Netherlands/Greece). With the following motivation: For its lightly comical but equally emotional exposure of the doubtful future of Europe and the decay of modern society through the quirky relationship of mother-daughter. The special jury award ex aequo goes to Amalia Ulman for El Planeta. A powerful, bold, expressing author mastering so many layers of film language. The special jury award ex aequo goes to Omar El Zohary for Feathers.

Best Actress to:

GONG SEUNG-YEON for Aloners by Hong Seong-eun (South Korea). With the following motivation: It is extremely difficult to raise deep and complex emotions in the audience with your sheer presence. This young actress led us through the film with extremely sattled but extremely expressive tools of her art.

Best Actor to:

FRANZ ROGOWSKY for Grosse Freiheit / Great Freedom by Sebastian Meise (Austria/Germany). With the following motivation: His face and body show the effects of the odyssey that the movie recounts, experiencing it with pain, desperation, and extraordinary intensity.

Best Script to:

UNE JEUNE FILLE QUI VA BIEN by Sandrine Kiberlain (France). With the following motivation: This feels like a story everybody knows already but it has been told with such a new angle and strength that it gives to it a very modern and powerful lecture. It’s not only a holocaust story, it’s a story about love of live and about the fact that we shouldn't compromise with attempts to our liberty... because if we don't fight them from the very beginning, from the very minor signs - it might be too late.

Best Short Film (2.000 €) to:

BABATOURA by Guillaume Collin (Canada)

Special Giury Award (Short Films) to:

NIGHT by Ahmad Saleh (Palestine)

The jury of TFFDoc / Internazionale.doc, composed of Catherine Bizern (France), Kristina Konrad (Germany) and Michael Wahrmann (Israel), awards the prizes:

Best Film (6.000 €) to:

918 GAU di/by Arantza Santesteban Perez (Spain) With the following motivation: The author turns her back on the vast artistic tradition of political heroes’ portraits. While dismythifying herself as a public symbol, she creates an intimate self-portrait of a woman that neglects the imaginary narrative of a freedom fighter. Her personal voice, her silence, and the memories she chooses, confronts public expectations by forming a strong and original personal narrative, and by thus, making a true political stand. For the complexity and dialectic tensions presented in a concise and multi-layered film, the best film award goes to 918 GAU by Arantza Santesteban Perez.

Special Jury Award to:

ANOTHER BRICK ON THE WALL by Nan Zhang (China) With the following motivation: Every brick in the great wall of China was carried up by a man. More than 800,000 men, for more than 20 years. As we follow the reconstruction of a very small part of that old wall, we feel the dimension and Sisyphean effort carried out almost 2000 years ago. At the same time, this small part of the wall portrays the different social classes and transformations of modern China. A society that moves from the collective ideals to the personal capitalist aspirations of individuals. For the epic but intimate and poetic filmmaking, the special jury award goes to Another Brick on the Wall by Nan Zhang


The jury of TFFDoc / Italiana.doc, composed of Sara Fgaier, Annamaria Licciardello, and Davide Maldi, awards the prizes:

Best Film (6.000 €) to:

RUE GARIBALDI by Federico Francioni (Italy) With the following motivation: For having recounted, with delicacy, honesty, and participation, the story of two people, a sister and a brother, at a watershed moment of their lives, sharing in their dreams and their frustrations. For having let us experience their relationship with the outside world and the distant city, all the while remaining closed within the intimacy of the domestic space that has become a refuge. A contemporary story, that regards us all, made of origins that intertwine with a future that is still to be written.

Special Jury Award to:

COMMEDIA ALL’ITALIANA by Fabrizio Bellomo (Italy) With the following motivation: Using simple, ironical, and direct language, the director reflects on the present times, starting from his family's history and that of Italy, the legacy of a culture that still weighs on our cities and our lives.


The jury of Italiana.corti, composed of Beatrice Gibson, Max Viale and Carla Vulpiani, awards the prizes:

Best Film (2.000 €) to:

GIOCHI by Simone Bozzelli (Italy) With the following motivation: For the narration's experimental treatment, that revisits the topic of relationships and love, and for its ability to control the various elements of the filmmaking process.

Special Jury Award to:

LA NASCITA DI UN REGNO by Gaia Formenti e Marco Piccarreda (Italy) With the following motivation: For having conducted powerful and effective visual research, and for its productive effort within the scope of a family dimension that ranges between myth and dystopian fantasy.


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