The first clapperboard slams for Sergio Rubini's new film Il grande spirito (lit. The Big Spirit), produced by Domenico Procacci, a Fandango production with Rai Cinema. The film is described as a "bitter and unpredictable comedy on the friendship between two losers". The film stars Rubini himself, Rocco Papaleo, Bianca Guaccero, and Ivana Lotito. The screenplay is written by Carla Cavalluzzi, Angelo Pasquini, Sergio Rubini, based on a storyline by the same screenwriters and Diego De Silva. Cinematography is curated by Miche D'Attanasio, the art direction by Luca Gobbi, and costumes by Patrizia Chericoni.

In a neighborhood of Taranto's suburbs, during a robbery the shalby 50 year-old Tonino (Sergio Rubini), one of the three accessories, takes advantages of the others' negligence and steals the whole swag. He runs away from a roof to another, until he reaches the highest terrace where he finds shelter in an old wash house. There, Tonino meets a weird eccentric man (Rocco Papaleo) whom asserts his name is Black Deer and that he belongs to the Sioux tribe. In the meanwhile Tonino has no escape: the neighborhood is taken by his chasers. Now surrounded and so forced to stay on that roof, Tonino has only one last option: he has to join forces with that crazy man who acts as he was a Red Indian and whom could give him a way out from that dead end exactly because he looks at the world from a different prospective.