A Pasolinian Caravaggio. After 7 Minutes starring Ambra Angiolini, Fiorella Mannoia, Maria Nazionale, and Ottavia Piccolo, Michele Placido is preparing his new film focusing on Caravaggio. Working title is Nel buio la tua luce (lit. In the dark, your light).

In the worlds of Placido: "I am writing with Salvatore De Mola, scriptwriter of Montalbano, and David di Donatello winner for The Stuff of Dreams. It's a story about Caravaggio, his masterpieces, his art, and environment. It's not a classic biography, but rather a somehow living history of his great works. The idea is narrating his art, without judging." As the director explains, this project is "Pasolinian, because there are many connections between these two geniuses. Both arrived from outside Rome and got involved in the real and violent life of the city."

Produced by Goldenart, a society founded by Placido's wife Federica Vincenti, alongside French, Spanish and German societies, Nel buio la tua luce wants to be "an independent film, outrageously angry just like Caravaggio's life." The cast will include both professional and non-professional actors, "just like the models, trumps and prostitutes, of the painter's masterpieces were people living on the fringes of society. Recounting the mystery of his artistic personality will be the core of the film, which we'll shoot from October."