A prestigious affirmation for Italian documentary comes from Copenhagen, and more specifically from CPH:DOX, the most important documentary film festival in Scandinavia, and the third in the world: Giorgio Ferrero's Beautiful Things won the Next: Wave Award dedicated to emerging filmmakers. After the premiere in Venice, in the Biennale College section, this is another significant step for the film which, in the form of a symphonic journey, tackles the topic of consumer goods and our obsession for them in the contemporary world. According to the Copenhagen jury, the film "combines boldness, style, meaning, precision, and surprise". This victory crowns a particularly rich selection of Italian films in the various sections of the festival: Piazza Vittorio by Abel Ferrara, Looking For Oum Kulthum by Shirin Neshat, Hanaa by Giuseppe Carrieri, The Strange Sound of Happiness by Diego Pascal Panarello, The Milk System by Andreas Pichler.

Celebrating its 15th edition this year, the festival has a strong influence on the perception of European documentary. Regarding this award, the words of Head of Programming Niklas Engstrøm sounds significant: "2018 has been a wonderful year for Italian documentaries at CPH:DOX, with some excitingly brave films such as The Strange Sound of Happiness, Hanaa, Abel Ferrara's Piazza Vittorio and - last but not least - Beautiful Things. This latter celebrated its international premiere in Copenhagen and won the Next: Wave Award, which is bestowed to a new talent in the international film circuit. Given such beautiful and musical films that are currently produced in Italy, we are sure that other great works will come from this Country and will be featured in the future CPH:DOX programs." The participation of the film at CPH:DOX is coordinated by Istituto Luce Cinecittà - Filmitalia.