50 fiction and 12 animation shorts are in the run for this year's Silver Ribbons for short films, that will be presented by the Union of Italian film journalists on April 18, in collaboration with Studio Universal. The committee of the 2018 Silver Shorts, coordinated by Maurizio Di Rienzo, considered 140 fiction and 20 animation shorts during this year's selection process. These were all produced in 2017, maximum runtime 20 minutes, and have all been presented in national and international festivals before 28 February 2018, along with the 8 shorts already selected by the Project MigrArti.

Besides the shorts in competition, the committee selected four shorts directed by established filmmakers that focused on social issues. These are Gianni Amelio's Someone Else's Home on the Amatrice earthquake, plus three shorts produced thanks to the support of non-profit organizations and brands: Andrea De Sica's The HeroPaolo Genovese's Beyond the Pages, and Sydney Sibilia's Me yes, you no. The award ceremony, that will take place on April 18, is organized in collaboration with the Centro Nazionale per il Cortometraggio headed by Jacopo Chessa, CSC, and Studio Universal.