Gabriele Salvatores will be the new Milano Film Festival Artistic Director. The director will guide the Festival, which has come to the 23rd edition this year and will take place from September 29th to October 7th at ANTEO Palazzo del Cinema, at Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato and at BASE Milano.

Leaded by the new Artistic Director, supported by Alessandro Beretta – Artistic Director from 2011, esterni, Milanese cultural enterprise born in 1995, and the City of Milan are committed to reestablish to the city a cinema festival grown and renovated, a gathering place for the any citizens of Milan – with a special attention to the youngest ones – for whom the Milano Film Festival still represents a research center focused to the latest and most innovative sectors of contemporary cinematography, in continuity with the past editions.

The Festival and the City of Milan want this 23rd edition to be the starting-point of a multi-year project, aiming to the Festival’s international strengthening, so that Milan could become a new center for cinematography industry.