The 1969 film by Sergio Corbucci, The Specialists, screened at the Cinéma de la Plage, is among the great classics presented at Cannes in a restored version. A conventional spaghetti western, the film is interpreted by the then young and popular French singer Johnny Hallyday (Jean-Philippe Smet’s stage name), in the role of a mysterious cowboy called Hud who arrives in Blackstone, the city where his brother had been unjustly accused of robbing a bank, and then lynched and hanged. The arrival of Hud, determined and vindictive, stirs many problems and for the local hit men.

Corbucci directed about seventy films ranging many different genres during is forty-year-long career. However, he probably mostly preferred the western genre, one at which he is considered a master, also by Quentin Tarantino who has defined him one of the greatest filmmakers of Italian style westerns, along with Sergio Leone. The integral restored version of his The Specialists was created by TF1 Studio in 4K starting from the original Technicolor - Techniscope film negatives and by the French and Italian magnetic film. The digital restoration was carried out in the laboratories at L’Image Retrouvée (Parigi/Bologna).