A special Silver Ribbon will be presented to Paolo Taviani, also as a homage to his late brother Vittorio, for his Rainbow – A Private Affair. Two further recognitions will be bestowed to the American films of Paolo Virzì (Ella & John – The Leisure Seeker) and Vittorio Storaro (cinematographer of Woody Allen’s Wonderwheel). After his performance in Alessandro Gassmann’s The Prize this year, actor Gigi Proietti will receive a lifetime achievement prize. A ‘collective’ Silver Ribbon will be given to the whole cast of Gabriele Muccino’s There Is No Place Like Home.

Here below, the full list of this year’s special Silver Ribbons:

SPECIAL RIBBON - Paolo Taviani for Rainbow – A Private Affair (with a special dedication to Vittorio Taviani)

INTERNATIONAL CINEMA RIBBON - Vittorio Storaro for the cinematography of Woody Allen’s Wonderwheel, and Paolo Virzì for Ella &John - The Leisure Seeker

‘ARGENTOVIVO’ cinema&kids RIBBON - Gabriele Salvatores for Invisible Boy - Second Generation

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT RIBBON - Gigi Proietti protagonist of Alessandro Gassmann’s The Prize

SPECIAL SILVER RIBBON to the cast of Gabriele Muccino’s There Is No Place Like Home

RIBBON to Cindarella the Cat for its quality, innovation and production bravery 

RIBBON TO BEST CASTING DIRECTOR - Francesco Vedovati for Dogman