What would happen if someone secretly sent your ex a text saying "I've changed. Let's give things another go!"? Well, that’s precisely what happens to a web-focused tech journalist in Leonardo Pieraccioni’s thirtheenth feature film,  Se son rose , which is due to start filming today in Prato. The film also sees the director star in the lead role as journalist Leonardo Giustini, alongside Michela Andreozzi, Elena Cucci, Caterina Murino, Claudia Pandolfi, Gabriella Pession, Mariasole Pollio, Antonia Truppo, Nunzia Schiano, Sergio Pierattini and Gianluca Guidi.

 It's the protagonist's daughter – tired of seeing her father, champion of an unstoppable descent into singledom – who decides to send the fatal message. And like zombies rising from the tombs of love, some of his former partners incredibly respond to his appeal, causing the harmless frustration of an adolescent to turn into a time machine. For Leonardo, barricaded in a fort of laziness, flitting between the sofa, spring rolls and computers, it will be an exciting and fun journey into the past and the present.

Filming will take place entirely in Tuscany for seven weeks between Prato, Borgo San Lorenzo, Scarperia, Lago di Bilancino, and in the area of Mugello. Written by Leonardo Pieraccioni along with Filippo Bologna Se son rosewas produced by Levante (the director's company) with Medusa Film and will be released in Italian Cinemas on 29 November, distributed by Medusa Film.

Pieraccioni last film, Professor Cenerentolo, was released in 2015. Written by the director together with Giovanni Veronesi and Domenico Costanzo, it only grossed €5.9 million at the box office, a disappointment following the €8.6 million Un fantastico via vai achieved in takings in 2013, the €19.9 million raked in by Una moglie belissima in 2007 and the €24.6 million Suddenly Paradise scooped up in box office takings in 2003.