When you’re 16 years old, the world can feel like a crazy place. But when you’re 16 years old and a girl who’s overweight, life is nothing short of an uphill struggle… Unless you set your sights on a near-impossible challenge. This is the premise of Dolcissime, the second feature by Piedmont director Francesco Ghiaccio, currently being filmed in Turin.

Having already given us Un posto Sicuro, the young filmmaker is stepping behind the camera once again to tell another highly topical tale, this time fixing his gaze on four adolescent girls – played by newcomers Giulia Barbuto Costa Da Cruz, Alice Manfredi, Margherita De Francisco and Giulia Fiorellino (with guest appearances from Valeria Solarino and Vinicio Marchioni) – who are wrestling with the highs and lows of friendship, generational conflicts, and the seemingly insurmountable problems that are part and parcel of growing up.

Written by Francesco Ghiaccio and Marco D’Amore (his partner in the founding of theatre and film production company, La Piccola Società), the film shines a light on the world of adolescence and the social dynamics which characterise that difficult time in our lives. Having kicked off on 9 July, the film shoot is scheduled to last for five weeks and involves a team hailing almost entirely from the local area, including – alongside Piedmont director Francesco Ghiaccio - production coordinator Federico Mazzola, production manager Stefano Masera, location manager Alessandra Curti, casting director Sara Patti, set designer Paola Bizzarri and sound designer Vito Martinelli.

Paolo Damilano, president of the Film Commission Torino Piemonte, describes the movie as "an important project for our region, both in terms of the positive knock-on effects it will have at local level, and the favourable image of our landscape which it will promote to other filmmakers".

Produced by Indiana Production and La Piccola Società, in collaboration with Vision Distribution and with the support of the Film Commission Torino Piemonte, Dolcissime will be released in cinemas courtesy of Vision Distribution.