Black comedy Ugly Nasty People by Cosimo Gomez will have a French remake. Rights have been acquired by production company Daktirak, owned by Nicolas Benamou, who directed box office hits such as Baby Sitting.

A Rai Cinema production presented at the 2017 Venice Film Festival, Ugly Nasty People was released in Italy last October. The film earned several nominations at the David di Donatello awards, Silver Ribbons, Golden Globes. Its pay TV rights were recently acquired by Amazon Prime Video. Starring Claudio Santamaria, Marco D'Amore, Sara Serraiocco and Simoncino Martucci, the film tells of a wild gang of disabled who pulls an exception job at the expense of the Chinese mafia. The story unfolds among betrayals, true or apparent deaths, unexpected turn of events and a big dose of "potically incorrect".