Basim is an African immigrant stowaway, Anna is the daughter of a migrant smuggler. They are teenagers and, together, they escape from a past that they want to forget, and into the harsh yet beautiful Sardinian landscape. This is the storybehind Twin Flower, the second film by the Roman director Laura Luchetti (eight years after Febbre da fieno), which will be screened in world premiere at Toronto Film Festival in the Discovery section on 8 September.

Developed as part of the Atelier de la Cinéfondation at Cannes 2015, the film was produced by Picture Show, Donkadillo Films and Rai Cinema with the assistance of MiBACT, Regione Lazio, and the support of Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission.

Twin Flower is "the tale of desperate love between two very different people who share the same destiny," states the director, who also wrote the screenplay. Anna escapes from Manfredi, an immigrant trafficker who used to employee her father. Basim, who has recently arrived from the Ivory Coast, dreams of reaching Northern Europe. The two do not speak the same language, but they only have each other in the world. Cast in the roles are Anastasyia Bogach and Kalill Kone, "real people." "Yousra Kone came off a boat from Libya a few months before we started shooting," stated Luchetti. He fled on foot from the Ivory Coast to Libya where he set off for Italy. I watched him move and act during the audition. A rough talent. A look that evokes a horror we can’t even begin to imagine." 

The film also stars Aniello Arena, Mauro Addis, Fausto Verginelli, Alessandro Pani andGiorgio Colangeli. Ferran Paredes Rubio (who also shot Il vizio della speranza by Edoardo De Angelis, which is also world premiering at Toronto) was responsible for photography, while Paola Freddi worked on editing (Hannah, Pure Hearts, The Wait). Fandango is handling international sales.

The only female Italian director to be selected at the Canadian festival this year, Laura Luchetti will also be at Venice Film Festival, where she will screen Sugarlove on 1 September, an animated nine minute short story participating at a special event in conjunction with International Film Critics' Week.