Filming commences on Guido Lombardi’s new film, Il ladro di giorni [lit. Thief of Days], starring Riccardo Scamarcio (recently seen at Venice in The Summer House), Massimo Popolizio (I'm Back) and newcomer Augusto Zazzaro.

The Neapolitan director wrote the screenplay for his third feature film with Luca De Benedittis and Marco Gianfreda (after Là-bas: A Criminal Education, Lion of the Future Award at Venice in 2011, and Take Five, in competition at Rome Film Festival), adapting it from the screenplay that won the "Premio Solinas - Stories for cinema" award back in 2007. "The initial idea for Il ladro di giorni dates back ten years, and I'm glad it's only becoming a film now, and not before," says the director, "because it's a complex story, which uses genre to talk about one of the most crucial relationships in a child's growth, their relationship with their father.

"The film focuses on Salvo (Zazzaro), who is about five years old when his father Vincenzo (Scamarcio) disappears, taken away by two police officers. A few years later, once he is released from prison, Vincenzo returns to find his son, who has gone to live in Trentino with his uncles in the meantime. The father and son almost do not recognise each other, and the two strangers drive to the south of Italy, where Vincenzo has a mission to accomplish. The long journey will force them to confront the reality of their relationship and what they really mean to each other.

"For the young Salvo, Vincenzo is a stranger," explains Lombardi. "And while Vincenzo reconstructs his past in search of the man who framed him seven years earlier, before sending him to prison, Salvo discovers who he is and who the man who held him in his arms asked him for a kiss really is. And as they become father and son once more, they will return to decide their own destinies."

Filming on Il ladro di giorni will take place in Trentino, Cilento and Puglia. The film was produced by Nicola Giuliano, Francesca Cima and Carlotta Calori for Indigo Film and by Gaetano Di Vaio for Bronx Film, with support from Trentino Film Commission, Regione Campania Film Commission and Apulia Film Commission.