It looks like a prestigious time for Italy at the Cinémathèque Française this year. Headed by Greek director Costa-Gavras (President) and Frédéric Bonnaud (Director), the institution will be hosting the Sergio Leone exhibition curated by Sir Christopher Frayling and Gian Luca Farinelli until February 4th. On January 30th it will inaugurate a retrospective on Alberto Lattuada, too. Concurrently, Come Have a Coffee with Us (1970), one of the masterpieces of the Milan-born director, will be released in French cinema by Tamasa Distribution. In its Feburary issue, the film magazine “Positif” will publish a dossier dedicated to Lattuada and Carla Del Poggio, his unforgettable spouse and muse. In 1938 in Milan, alongside Luigi Comencini and Mario Ferrari, Lattuada created  that vast collection of prints that, ten years later, will become the Italian Cinematheque. Lattuada was also close with Henry Langlois, the founder of the Cinémathèque in Paris.

During the summer, the Cinémathèque Française will pay tribute to the Bava dynasty: Eugenio, Mario and Lamberto. Next fall, it will be time for Mauro Bolognini, too. In collaboration with the Centro Culturale Mario Bolognini of Pistoia and other Italian and French institutions, the Pistoia-born director will be celebrated for the first time with a complete retrospective.