Marco Bellocchio’s The Traitor is this year’s best film according to the Foreign Press in Italy. The picture which sees Pierfrancesco Favino step into the shoes of the mafioso turned police informant Tommaso Buscetta claimed the most coveted Golden Globe at last night’s awards ceremony, which was held at the residence of the British ambassador, Villa Wolkonsky. “With its focus on a highly dramatic character”, explained the journalists from the Association of Foreign Press in Italy who handed Bellocchio his award, “the film offers a compelling and beguiling inside view of [Buscetta’s] psychological torment”, thanks to the “superb” skill shown by the director, who moves from “meticulously chronicling the facts and charting the crimes of the mafia, as seen in the harsh light of day, to conveying the theatricality of the resulting mega trial and the somewhat oneiric nature of the protagonist, without ever compromising on his own ethical code vis-à-vis the world”. The Traitor also won the Globe for Best Score, for which it is indebted to Nicola Piovani.

The accolade of Best Debut Film was bestowed upon Bangla, a picture directed by and starring Phaim Bhuiyan and “a work which encourages integration in an increasingly multicultural country”, while best actor Globes were awarded to Jasmine Trinca for her performance in Simone Godano’s An Almost Ordinary Summer, where the actress “confirmed her skill, and also revealed a talent for perfect comic timing”, and to Alessandro Borghi for his dramatic performance in On My Skin where, according to the foreign journalists, he proved himself to be “an actor who has all the makings of an international star”. Exploring the tragic story of Stefano Cucchi, the film also took home the award for Best Screenplay, as written by Alessandro Cremonini and Lisa Nur Sultan.

In terms of Best Photography, this was a title won by Valerio Mieli’s Ricordi? in recognition of the great work of Daria D'Antonio, while the new Globe for Best TV Series was handed to The Name of the Rose, helmed by Giacomo Battiato, and the Globe for Best Documentary was bestowed upon Butterfly by Alessandro Cassigoli and Casey Kauffman. Davide Calvaresi’s Olmo, for its part, was awarded Best Short Film.

And finally, as predicted, the Young Hope Award went to Ludovica Nasti, the young and highly talented protagonist of the TV series My Brilliant Friend, while Franco Nero and Vanessa Redgrave were honoured with Lifetime Achievement awards.

The full list of winners at the Italian Golden Globes 2019 are as follows:

Best Film
The Traitor - Marco Bellocchio (Italy/France/Germany/Brazil)

Best Debut Film 
Bangla - Phaim Bhuiyan

Best Actress
Jasmine Trinca – An Almost Ordinary Summer

Best Actor
Alessandro Borghi – On My Skin

Best Photography
Ricordi? - Daria D'Antonio (Italy/France)

Best TV Series
The Name of the Rose - Giacomo Battiato

Best Score
Nicola Piovani – The Traitor

Best Screenplay
On My Skin - Alessio Cremonini, Lisa Nur Sultan

Best Documentary
Butterfly - Alessandro Cassigoli, Casey Kauffman

Best Short Film
Olmo - Davide Calvaresi

Young Hope Award
Ludovica Nasti – My Brilliant Friend

Lifetime Achievement Award
Franco Nero
Vanessa Redgrave


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