These are the 15 documentaries shortlisted by the David Academy, and to be submitted to the jury that will define the final nominations.

Alberto nostro by Federica Ravera; Bajkonur, Earth by Andrea Sorini; Citizen Rosi by Didi Gnocchi and Carolina Rosi; Fellini fine mai by Eugenio Cappuccio; I Had a Dream by Claudia Tosi; Il passo dell’acqua by Antonio Di Biase; Mafia Is Not What It Used to Be by Franco Maresco; The Passion of Anna Magnani by Enrico Cerasuolo; The Disappearance of My Mother by Beniamino Barrese; Normal by Adele Tulli; Più della vita by Raffaella Rivi; Joking with Infrantyman by Gianfranco Pannone; No Filters. The Unconventional Cinema of Claudio Caligari by Simone Isola and Fausto Trombetta; Selfie by Agostino Ferrente; Tony Driver by Ascanio Petrini.

According to a statement: “The documentary selection committee of the David di Donatello Awards wish to stress the great stylistic and thematic variety of the works that were taken into consideration. Only 15 films out of 103 have been chosen, but we acknowledge that each year it becomes increasingly difficult to shortlist such a limited number of titles. However, it’s our duty to present the Academy members with a number of films that could be as much representative as possible of the richness, the linguistic renewal, and the ability to dialogue with the present of the Italian filmmakers. Documentary – provided that it is still possibly to subsume so many cinematic forms under a single label – is more alive than ever.”


DAVID 2020