Two of Us, by Italian director Filippo Meneghetti, will represent France at the upcoming Oscars. The decision took everyone by surprise as they went for an Italian first-time director against more famous French directors. On the other hand, this choice confirms the international success the film has met so far. Welcomed with enthusiasm in Toronto, Rotterdam, and Rome, Two of Us was sold worldwide, including the US and Italy.

Starring legendary actresses Barbara Sukowa and Martine Chevallier, the film tackles an uncommon topic, the love between two mature women, by mixing drama, suspense and irony. The protagonists, Nina and Madeleine, love each other in secret. Nobody know, not even their relatives, who think there are just neighbors since they live in two apartments at the top floor of the same building. When daily routine is disrupted by an unforeseeable event, Madeleine’s family will discover the truth and their love will be put to the test.