Sky has announced the beginning of filming, between Rome and the Trentino-Alto Adige region, on Lovely Boy, the second film from Francesco Lettieri after Ultras, which was released on Netflix in March 2020. The new Sky Original film is produced by Indigo Film in co-production with Vision Distribution and Sky, with support from the Alto Adige Film Commission, and will premiere on Sky and NOW.

A director of music videos for artists such as Liberato, Calcutta and Thegiornalisti, in Lovely Boy, Francesco Lettieri tells the story of the rise and fall of a star of trap music. The lead actor is Andrea Carpenzano, who was noted in 2018 for his appearance in Boys Cry, the debut from the brothers Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo, and who later confirmed his talent in Leonardo D'Agostini’s The Champion and the recent film Romantic Guide to Lost Places by Giorgio Farina. Carpenzano plays Nic, also known as Lovely Boy, a rising star of the trap scene in Rome who is aimed for a dazzling musical ascent but risks being sucked into a spiral of self-destruction. He is flanked by Ludovica Martino (who also starred in The Champion and in the series Skam Italia) and Enrico Borello (cast in the next film from Marco Puccioni, Il filo invisibile).

Il film was written by Peppe Fiore and Lettieri himself, while the cinematography is handled by Gianluca PalmaMarcella Mosca takes care of the set design, while the costumes are by Antonella Mignogna and the editing by Mauro Rodella.

In the director’s own words, “Lovely Boy is a film that will put me to the test, both because of the technical complexity of many of its scenes, and because of the difficulty in tackling such a delicate topic. The film does not focus on questions of a moral order, and it doesn’t judge, rather it centres on emotions."

Nicola Maccanico, Executive Vice President Programming at Sky Italia and CEO of Vision Distribution, explains: “We are telling a story of difficult growth, in which it will be clear how, in a world dominated by appearances, there is a risk of going in dangerous directions. The power of Lovely Boy is it will show how, through love and dialogue, it is possible to take a hold of your life and to change your destiny.” For Nicola Giuliano of Indigo Film, who produced Ultras, it was really beautiful “to work with a young, great talent like Francesco Lettieri on his debut. It is even more beautiful to continue on this journey with him and to find a partner who embraces the project as enthusiastically as Sky did on Lovely Boy."