The 35th edition of the Cinema Ritrovato will be held physically in Bologna from July 20th to 27th, that is, one month later than its usual June dates. Gian Luca Farinelli, Director of the Cineteca di Bologna, states: “After Cannes and before Venice, Cinema Ritrovato reopens the gates of cinephiles’ Heaven. To be held in late July, the festival will resuscitate our desire to discover the masterpieces of the past.”

Here some anticipations: the cine-concert in the Piazza Maggiore with the Orchestra of the Teatro Comunale of Bologna, who will play a new score, to be intertwined with spoken parts, composed by Timothy Brock for Carl Theodor Dreyer’s 1931 masterpiece Vampyr. Moreover, Cinema Ritrovato will pay tribute to the centenary from the death of Enrico Caruso, premiering the new restoration of Edward José’s 1921 My Cousin, the only film starring the great tenor that survived until today.

This year again, the program will be a rich one, able to travel through space and time, with its already-classic sections dedicated to cinemas of 100 and 120 years ago, the forgotten film rarities, the new restorations, the tributes to the greats like Herman Jacob Mankiewicz, Romy Schneider and Aldo Fabrizi, and the documentaries unveiling film stories which we don’t know yet.