Istituto Luce Cinecittà has renewed its summits by appointing Chiara Sbarigia as President and Nicola Maccanico as Managing Director. The Board of Directors confirms Annalisa De Simone and Goffredo Bettini, and welcomes Federico Bagnoli Rossi, FAPAV Secretary General. This completes the new configuration of Istituto Luce Cinecittà, now a joint stock company, under the Budget Law 2021, in order to face the demanding challenges of the future as indicated by the recovery plan signed by the Ministry of Culture, which also includes the construction of new theatres and the refurbishing of the existing ones.

Dario Franceschi, Minister of Culture, comments: “Cinecittà is the past, the present, and the future of our cinema, an excellence that is recognized all over the world and that is now embarking in an ambitious project of growth and development. I wish to thank Maria Pia Ammirati for her hard work in this past year and a half, and I send by best wishes to Chiara Sbariglia and Nicola Maccanico, two renowned figures who will be able to lead the relaunch of Cinecittà.”

Formerly COO of the Roma Fiction Fest and the MIA – Audiovisual International Market, Chiara Sbarigia is also the General Director of the Audiovisual Producers Association.

Nicola Maccanico has been active in many roles within the film sector, such as Executive Vice President Programming at Sky Italia, Managing Director of Vision Distribution, SVP and Managing Director Theatrical and Strategic Marketing at Warner Bros Entertainment Italia.