Fresh from the Cannes Film Festival where he presented the collective documentary Futura alongside Alice Rohrwacher and Francesco Munzi last month, Pietro Marcello is back on set for his new feature film L’Envol, which just began shooting in France. The film is produced by Charles Gillibert (CG Cinéma, France), Avventurosa (Pietro Marcello’s own company) and RAI Cinema, in collaboration with Ilya Stewart (Hype Film, Russia) and Antonio Miyakawa (Wise Pictures, Italy).

The director behind The Mouth of the Wolf (which triumphed at the 27th Turin Film Festival) and Martin Eden (which earned Luca Marinelli the Volpi Cup at the 2019 Venice Film Festival) also signs his name to the screenplay of his latest work of fiction - based upon Aleksandr Grin’s novel "Scarlet Sails" - alongside Maurizio Braucci and Maude Ameline, and the participation of Geneviève Brisac.

Set between the two wars, at a time of great invention, the film tells the story of a woman’s emancipation over a twenty-year period, between 1919 and 1939. It’s a popular, musical and historical tale, bordering on magical realism and revolving around the vicissitudes of Juliette, the motherless daughter of a survivor of the Great War.

The cast includes a young actress at the beginning of her film career Juliette Jouan, alongside Raphaël Thierry, Louis Garrel, Noémie Lvovsky, Ernst Umhauer, François Négret and Yolande Moreau.

Pietro Marcello is drawing upon the expertise of a French-Italian team for his first film shot in France, with Marco Graziaplena at the helm of photography, Pascaline Chavane in charge of costumes, Christian Marti heading up set design, and the composer awarded an Oscar for The English Patient Gabriel Yared entrusted with music.

L’Envol is scheduled for release in 2022.