Filming has begun on Ti mangio il cuore, the new film directed by Pippo Mezzapesa (who competed in Rome Film Fest 2011 by way of Annalisa and was selected for Venice’s Giornate degli Autori in 2018 via My Own Good) which marks the big screen debut of the eclectic and rapidly rising popstar Elodie Di Patrizi, known quite simply as Elodie. Alongside Francesco Patané (recently seen alongside Sergio Castellitto in The Bad Poet), the singer will play a lead role in this gangster movie, which is based upon the book-report of the same name by Carlo Bonini and Giuliano Foschini, but which also tells a great yet tragic love story.

Written by Antonella Gaeta, Pippo Mezzapesa and Davide Serino, the film unfolds in Apulia where the God forsaken highlands of the Gargano region are fought over by criminals who seem to hail from a far-off time. It’s a Wild West land where blood begets blood, and a forbidden love between the Malatesta heir Andrea, and the Camporeale boss’s beautiful wife Marilena reawakens the long-standing hate between the two rival families. It’s a passion which proves impossible to extinguish, transcending reason and reigniting inter-clan war.

"Ti mangio il cuore contains some high-octane material”, states Mezzapesa, “love, death, criminality, rites and impossible redemption in a dark and mysterious version of Southern Italy. They’re irresistible elements, which I decided to explore in black and white because I immediately felt that these were the right colours for a story which is modern, but which is also profoundly ancestral in terms of its emotions, its acts and its judgements".

The film is produced by Indigo Film together with RAI Cinema, with logistical support coming courtesy of the Apulia Film Commission. In addition to the two lead actors, the cast includes Lidia Vitale, Francesco Di Leva, Tommaso Ragno, Giovanni Trombetta, Letizia Cartolaro, Michele Placido and Brenno Placido.

Photography on Ti mangio il cuore is offered up by Michele D’Attanasio (Freaks Out and Three Floors, to name just two of his most recent works), set design is by Daniele Frabetti, costumes by Ursula Patzak (Mario Martone’s faithful collaborator) and editing by Giogiò Franchini (who has worked with Paolo Sorrentino, Jonathan Demme and Valeria Golino, alongside many others). The entire film will be shot in Apulia over an eight-week period.