Shooting wraps on November 20th for Pappi Corsicato’s new film Di più non basta mai [lit. More is never enough] starring Giuseppe Maggio, Margherita Vicario, Carolina Sala and Sandra Ceccarelli.

It is the story of Toni, who leads a normal life with his wife. The chance encounter with the young and wealthy Chiara will rekindle in him the desire to build a new life by realizing his secret dream of becoming an artist. The lives of the three will intertwine in a dangerous love triangle that will forever change the course of their lives.

Penned by Pappi Corsicato and Luca Infascelli, Di più non basta mai is a Mompracem production with Rai Cinema, produced by Carlo Macchitella, Manetti Bros, Pier Giorgio Bellocchio. Shooting took place between Rome and Milan for five weeks.